(via JCN Newswire) Woven Alpha and MFTBC have teamed up with AMP | Automated Mapping Platform – New collaboration between Mitsubishi Fuso and Woven Planet | With the help of an automated mapping platform, a new collaboration will investigate the safety of commercial vehicles while driving.

Mitsubishi Fuso and Woven Alpha Automated Mapping Platform collaborate on cutting-edge HD mapping technology for advanced driver assistance system functionality.

Woven Alpha, Inc. (“Woven Alpha”), a subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corporation (“Toyota”), has committed to partner with Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (“MFTBC”) to study and develop safety for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (“ADAS”) using its Automated Mapping Platform (“AMP”). This partnership between Woven Alpha and MFTBC is the start of yet another cross-industry collaboration with a commercial vehicle manufacturer not affiliated with the Toyota Group. For the development and deployment of increased safety functions, the firms are collaborating on lab-based and field-testing research.

This partnership will look into the technical requirements for integrating AMP with MFTBC ADAS, as well as the benefits of employing AMP high resolution (“HD”) maps over standard maps. Over ten separate use cases have been identified between the two companies. The initial Proof of Concept (PoC) will use AMP to offer an accurate Entering Curve Speed Warning (ECSW), which MFTBC developed using their heavy-duty Super Great trucks. The findings of this study will serve as the foundation for one of the commercial vehicle ADAS performance advancements. This technology will also open up more intriguing options for collaboration with users and vehicle manufacturers outside of the Toyota Group who want to fully implement ADAS and automated driving features in their vehicles using better mapping information.

Woven Alpha and MFTBC have teamed up with AMP.


Due to their low cost, navigation maps have been the typical answer for safety systems that utilize mapping technology. However, because these maps do not receive real-time updates, they are often months out of date, which can be harmful to cars with higher levels of autonomy. Furthermore, their limited accuracy in the meters makes developing precise applications that function safely at the lane level problematic. Semantics, or the relationship between road objects, such as lanes on a road, is also absent from navigation maps. Furthermore, while deploying survey vehicles to acquire the first mapping data is relatively simple, the equipment is highly specialized and generally expensive to run. As a result, map maintenance is both costly and time-consuming, limiting the number of updates that can be delivered to end-users at a reasonable cost.

The real world, on the other hand, does not standstill. In order for ADAS and automatic driving capabilities to perform properly, regular modifications to road markings, road geometry, or structural changes resulting from construction must be reflected immediately into the HD maps. AMP was created to address these challenges by automating the merging of near-real-time data from vehicle fleets with wide-area coverage satellite and aerial photography, resulting in a significant increase in map update frequency, coverage, and cost.

Supporting MFTBC’s ECSW function is a fantastic example of how AMP can improve driver and vehicle safety right away. Both businesses will test this technology, which estimates the safest speed and provides advanced notice on how to approach an oncoming sharp curve based on the vehicle’s condition, as part of the initial PoC. For commercial vehicle drivers, the system’s capacity to anticipate road and lane conditions ahead is critical for avoiding accidents. AMP promises to increase driver awareness, system redundancy, and overall road safety by using high-accuracy, low-cost, and up-to-date semantic HD maps.

Mandali Khalesi, Woven Planet’s Vice President of Automated Driving Strategy and Mapping, offers her thoughts.

“I’m thrilled to be working with Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation, one of Japan’s premier truck and bus manufacturers, which is perfectly suited to pushing the boundaries of commercial vehicle safety. Our mission entails not only delivering people and products from point A to point B, but also saving lives and easing the stress on the driver. We’ve spent the last five years generating very accurate semantic HD maps that can be updated automatically, regularly, and cheaply. We’re designing the platform to be highly scalable and flexible enough to work with global manufacturers of all sizes in the future. This is the first step in our commitment to improving commercial vehicle safety.”

Hironobu Ando, Senior Vice President and Head of Product Engineering at MFTBC, offers his thoughts.

“At MFTBC, we see automated driving aid technology, and beyond that, autonomous driving technology, as a strategic point of concentration in the development of safer commercial vehicles. We are doing everything we can to create these technologies since we feel they will become vital in our world in the near future. Woven Alpha’s AMP has the potential to play a significant role in this future, and we are confident that our collaboration will be mutually beneficial. We intend to engage in as much active knowledge-sharing with our partners as possible, with the ultimate goal of safer roads for everyone.”

Woven Planet Group Information

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