RUSH enables businesses to better understand their customers’ behavior | By arming organizations with the proper tools to better analyze consumer behavior, loyalty and eCommerce enabler RUSH makes it easier for them to gain client loyalty and generate repeat purchases.

RUSH manages the loyalty programs of some of the Philippines’ most well-known brands, including Globe Telecom, Shakey’s, and Unilever. RUSH has used its loyalty experience to improve its eCommerce solution, the RUSH eStore.

RUSH gives businesses the ability to do more than just sell by allowing them to better understand each customer through easy customer segmentation based on demographics and purchasing behaviors, as well as multi-channel customer interaction options.

“RUSH recognizes the importance of connecting local companies. Unlike aggregators or marketplaces, we empower businesses to develop direct relationships with their customers. We can close the loop on acquisition, conversion, and retention for companies as they go down the digital highway with the RUSH eStore,” stated Stephanie Kubota, RUSH Chief Executive Officer.

Through GLife, RUSH has collaborated with GCash, the country’s biggest banking app, to help marketers drive traffic to their eCommerce platforms.

“With everyone and practically everything online, it’s easy to become lost in a crowd. With RUSH in GLife, we give companies the ability to reach millions of people right away. Not only are we assisting businesses in their growth, but we are also supporting GCash’s aim of enhancing Filipinos’ digital lifestyles,” Kubota stated.

GLife is a one-stop digital portal that caters to a wide range of clients’ lifestyle needs, including food, beauty products, grocery, and entertainment. GLife is the most recent addition to GCash’s extensive list of services and products.

Brands may utilize GLife to reach roughly 40 million GCash users with their products and services, attracting new customers and engaging with existing ones. Businesses may leverage GCash’s quick sign-on and payment functionality to develop mini-apps within GLife that keep their brand identity while providing a pleasant user experience.

RUSH, on the other hand, integrates their pioneering eCommerce solution inside the GCash app to onboard its brand partners on GLife. RUSH also allows brands to contact and engage directly with their target demographic, resulting in long-term customer relationships.

RUSH was founded in 2016 to provide digital innovation that is geared to suit the growing demand for accessible and easy-to-use tools that smoothly integrate businesses into the digital arena. Over 100 top-tier firms use its white-label apps and services, which have 27 million registered users.

RUSH and GCash encourage companies to embrace digital transformation and help firms flourish in new marketing channels. They are part of 917Ventures, the largest corporate venture builder in the country. Globe’s 917Ventures is a wholly-owned subsidiary.

Globe is dedicated to achieving the ten United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), including UN SDG No. 8, which promotes decent work and economic growth, and UN SDG No. 9, which aims to build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization, and foster innovation.

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