CoachesPH | Homer Nievera, a digital election strategist, shares five key digital election strategies for 2022 | National and local candidates for the 2022 Philippine elections, according to Homer Nievera, well-known digital marketing, and transformation specialist and consultant, must fully embrace digital marketing transformation or risk losing the election.

“Many political candidates and parties have been reticent to change their organizations into agile organizations by utilizing the most fundamental digital and technological platforms, such as having a functional website,” he said. “This signals their doom.”

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Homer Nievera, an election digital strategist who believes that the truth eventually beats the trolls.

According to Nievera, the Philippines has yet to fully appreciate the benefits of being connected via wi-fi and cellular technologies, and as a result, candidates have struggled to develop a real digital marketing strategy. Political parties and candidates alike, he added, should study the recent US elections as well as the major public protests in Hong Kong in 2019, which were largely conducted online. The Philippines, according to Nievera, is capable of doing the same.

Candidates and party lists contesting in the 2022 elections should embrace Nievera’s digital marketing transformation tactics and technologies. Continue reading:

Number one is the importance of having a mobile-friendly and effective website.

A candidate’s or party’s website is the most valuable digital asset they have and can use. According to Nievera, social media assets are only second in importance when it comes to contacting voters online or digitally.

“It’s important to remember that candidates and political parties don’t own Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter; they only use their services. Your social media account could be canceled without warning at any point, and you’ll have no choice but to appeal. On the other side, your website is yours to own and govern. Command and control are critical in any organization, ” Nievera emphasized.

According to Nievera, one of the Philippines’ Internet pioneers and one of the few master digital strategists during elections, having a functional website simply means having a combination of enticing material and ways for voters to engage with them. He believes that a mobile-friendly UI (user interface or appearance) allows a small business to compete with larger corporations.

“The appearance and feel of a candidate’s website can make the difference in acquiring voters,” Nievera says, “especially if you’re targeting millennials, Generation Z, and centennials.”

Content marketing reigns supreme.

Voters prioritize content, whereas corporations value customers, according to Homer Nievera.

Articles, movies, podcasts, infographics, and other types of content are available. You must be exposed to a wide range of information to captivate the hearts and minds of your existing and potential customers.

According to a survey conducted by Demand Generation Report in 2016, 47% of buyers watched 3-5 pieces of content before speaking with a sales professional. So, consider the voters. How many different sorts of content will they read or watch before casting their ballot in 2022?

“These days, visual content may be used alone or in combination with text or audio content,” explains Nievera.

According to a Hubspot research from 2019, generating visual assets is a high priority for 51 percent of B2B marketers. For B2C marketers, visual content is the most significant sort of content, with 45 percent believing it is the most important. (2017 data from the Content Marketing Institute)

Homer Nievera, a digital transformation expert who also runs a content writing firm, assists organizations in developing content strategies that improve their website’s search engine optimization, or SEO. He believes that his affiliation with this group has provided him with access to a pool of Filipino content writers that are fluent in English. As a result, he is able to increase the earning potential of the writers – as well as the messaging delivery of a campaign.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) sets the the bar higher

If you haven’t heard of SEO yet, you’re really behind the times when it comes to basic digital transformation. Search engine optimization, or SEO, essentially means that people use search engines such as Google to find content on the internet. If your items or services aren’t listed in their search results, you’re at risk.

Top Rank SEO Philippines, for example, is a firm that focuses on helping small businesses improve their search rankings.

“SEO helps your website work harder and longer than social media since it optimizes keywords and key phrases onshore and offshore to assist people to arrive at your website (or landing page) better,” Nievera adds.

Because search engines use bots to comb the internet for answers to user requests, having a decent SEO plan boosts your chances of being discovered. Small firms will gain an advantage since they will be able to surpass giant enterprises simply by being discovered sooner. This is why many business owners use SEO consultants and companies to assist them.

Digital publications with high domain authority (DA) sites for business information, such as,,, and, have seen an increase in demand for content and article uploads and contribution over the preceding five years. Companies like digital agencies and SEO firms have employed these high DA sites because of their search engine credibility, which makes it easier to rank content.

“SEO is a long-tail marketing approach that any firm should be aware of and utilize to its maximum potential if they want to win in 2022,” says Nievera.

Influencers have the most power in 2022

The Philippine elections in 2022 will be a struggle of all-powerful influencers. That includes everything from nano influencers to famous social influencers.

The entertainment revolution online has spawned hundreds of influencers with thousands to millions of fans or followers, thanks to more people online since the 2020 lockdowns to today.

Nano influencers, who have at least 2,000 friends or followers, are valuable because they engage their audience more individually than celebrities with millions of followers. They have the most ardent supporters.

Celebrity endorsers are now earning a profit on Youtube due to sheer volume. This is the new television, especially since ABS-CBN was shut down.

As a result, the rise of influencers is something to watch in 2022.

Trolls vs. Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Alan Turing, a mathematician, was able to develop the first computer, which was a crude version of today’s artificial intelligence, during World War II. Its objective was to decrypt Enigma codes established by the Nazis.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is applied in a wide range of computer science fields. Its ultimate goal is to create intelligent machines that can perform jobs that would normally require human intelligence. Its application in machine learning and deep learning, as an interdisciplinary science, is causing a paradigm shift in practically every sector of the computer industry.

Artificial intelligence is exemplified through chatbots, which are commonly utilized in social media accounts and websites. However, in other areas, such as BPOs and contact centers, AI is now performing activities that were previously assumed to be only performed by people, with fantastic results!

Consider deploying AI-powered chatbots to respond to those pesky human trolls on your own social media profile. Isn’t that going to be a great addition to one’s arsenal? Let those chatbots do the work instead of having one-on-one tit-for-tats. Your human resources could be used in other places, such as Facebook Groups.

“In my perspective, AI is best appreciated when it is applied by any business for process automation such as auto-replies, intelligent commenting, and even voting to forecast,” Nievera said.

As a result, in 2022, it will be critical to perform study into a number of AI applications for your campaign. When it comes to artificial intelligence, one of the most important factors to consider is competitiveness.


During the Philippine national elections in 2022, digitally savvy political candidates have a lot to look forward to. Every candidate’s overall strategy will undoubtedly include digital marketing. Other considerations include digital privacy, trolling and counter-trolling, and so forth. The most important thing to remember is that if you do not act quickly, you will be left behind.