NEC Unveils New 5G Massive MIMO Radio Units for Global Open RAN Markets | (via JCN Newswire) – NEC Corporation (TSE: 6701) today announced the launch of new radio units (RU) for 5G base stations, which will be available in 2022 and are aimed at worldwide markets.

The new RUs will be functionally compatible with the n77, n78, and C-Band 3.7GHz frequency bands (3.3-4.2GHz), which are widely utilized as 5G frequencies. Furthermore, ultra-multi-element antennas with Massive MIMO* and digital beamforming for high-precision beams will aid in the provision of high-speed, high-capacity communications between a broader variety of terminals. In addition, when compared to traditional goods, the new RUs will have a higher output and larger bandwidth, expanding the communications area and allowing for high-speed transmission. NEC’s unique high-density mounting technique, power-saving technology, and fanless design will also enable a lightweight and energy-efficient compact format.

The RUs will comply with the O-RAN Alliance’s frontal interface guidelines and will be compatible with base station equipment from a variety of suppliers, allowing for the creation of open, flexible, and optimal networks for a variety of use cases.

NEC’s VP of product management for 5G products, Patrick Lopez, said: “NEC has been working on 5G base station equipment for worldwide markets for a long time. NEC is investing to maintain its market-leading position in the Open RAN ecosystem, as demonstrated by Vodafone’s announcement earlier this month.”

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