Holcim Philippines reaffirms its commitment to long-term sustainability | As the firm accelerates sustainability activities to more positively contribute to the country’s growth, Holcim Philippines, Inc. urged customers to support the use and promotion of innovative and environmentally friendly construction materials.

Horia Adrian, President and CEO of Holcim Philippines, outlined the company’s objectives to better help customers in growing their businesses and stressed the significance of sustainability for long-term success in a virtual conference attended by nearly 500 customers on June 15. The conference’s motto, “Tayo na Tayo, Pilipinas,” or “Let Us Rise and Build Together, Philippines,” reflects the company’s hope and willingness to assist partners in the country’s recovery from the pandemic.

Adrian explained that the company’s focus on sustainability and innovation is critical for improving operational efficiency for improved customer service and producing new building materials to assist builders with their projects. By becoming more efficient in the use of natural resources as it develops structures for rising people and economies, the construction sector may play a significant role in sustainable development.

“Through our dedication to sustainability and innovation, we will develop the next generation of construction materials to help the country build better in the future. We want to continue to build our relationship with our consumers in order to enhance consumer awareness that these products help them achieve their goals for a greener, healthier Philippines “He said himself.

One of Holcim Philippines’ sustainability priorities is the reduction of carbon emissions. To improve performance, the company is incorporating more low-carbon fuels and producing new products with less clinker, an intermediary material that contributes to the majority of emissions. These initiatives complement Holcim Group’s objectives to reduce carbon emissions by 30% by 2030 in order to aid in the fight against climate change.

According to Adrian, builders can increase their beneficial influence by ensuring that structures are constructed with the appropriate materials to meet strength and durability criteria without being overdesigned. Hardware stores can also assist consumers in selecting the appropriate building materials for their needs.

Holcim Philippines has created the widest spectrum of building solutions, from infrastructure to house repairs, that have aided in the company’s environmental impact management. According to Horia Adrian, the company’s efforts began with Holcim Excel, the country’s first blended general purpose cement, which was introduced two decades ago. With the introduction of Holcim Solido road infrastructure cement, Holcim Multifix mortar solution, and Holcim Aqua X water repellent cement in the last two years, the company has increased its focus on this area.

Cara Ramirez, Vice President of Communications for Holcim Philippines, also mentioned how consumers are becoming more concerned about sustainability, which presents chances for businesses.

“It’s not only the right thing to do; it’s also economically sound. Making our operations more efficient requires a focus on sustainability. It also allows us to respond to the public’s increasing need for businesses to do more to help the environment and society. According to a recent Nielsen poll on sustainability, 66% of Millennials and Generation Z are willing to pay more for items from businesses that are committed to positive social and environmental development “”It’s an opportunistic development,” she explained.

Apart from Holcim Philippines’ efforts to sustainability, Adrian discussed intentions to expand the company’s digital platforms in order to boost consumer transactions. He went on to say that Holcim Philippines will continue to prioritize health and safety in order to protect its employees and partners from the COVID-19 situation.


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