Fujitsu and the City of Kawasaki to Create a Sustainable Future City | (via JCN Newswire) – KAWASAKI, Japan, June 23, 2021 – In the face of rapid societal and environmental change, Fujitsu Limited and the City of Kawasaki today announced plans to strengthen their collaboration around digital technologies to present novel solutions to the various challenges confronting communities, including the threats posed by climate change and COVID-19. The partners have designated “Health,” “Safety and Security,” “Environment,” and “Work and Living” as the four focal themes for the newest phase of the project, and today’s agreement is an essential step toward further reinforcing the comprehensive agreement (1) agreed by both sides in 2014. Fujitsu will work to build advanced models leveraging its AI, 5G, supercomputer capabilities, and next-generation networks at its Kawasaki Plant and surrounding areas, the company’s founding location and a key base for its research and development into innovative technologies. These are technologies that many anticipate will play an important role in building the sustainable cities of the future.

This is the latest step in a long-running technology collaboration between the two companies. Since 2017, Fujitsu and the City of Kawasaki have collaborated on projects to make the city safer, including a project to employ supercomputers to reduce damage from natural catastrophes such as tsunamis.

Fujitsu and the City of Kawasaki will use the newest computer and next-generation network technologies to widely deploy a Social Digital Twin (2) in the project’s four priority areas, in order to respond to difficulties that will arise in this new era. The Social Digital Twin will play a crucial role in the partners’ efforts to contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals by digitally reproducing information in real time linked to the economy, society, and environment (SDGs).

In order to realize its vision for a sustainable “future city,” the two corporations will also construct a citizen-participation living lab to connect citizens and businesses. In July, they will begin using digital technologies to collect citizens’ “voices” and viewpoints, as well as conduct design thinking workshops. Students will also take part in internships aimed at resolving societal concerns, such as imagining a sustainable future for Kawasaki. Furthermore, Fujitsu and the City of Kawasaki will work together to promote inclusive urban development that is focused on its residents, including the investigation of innovative concepts that stress diversity through ICT at the Kawasaki City School for the Deaf.

The City of Kawasaki is pushing activities around the themes of “building a safe hometown” and “powerful industrial urban development” in harmony with growth and maturity in order to make Kawasaki the “Happiest City” by achieving sustainability and contentment for its residents. Kawasaki will collaborate with Fujitsu to apply a variety of cutting-edge technologies in areas that are relevant to the lives of local citizens. The City of Kawasaki will aim to raise the value of neighborhoods by making them more livable through such initiatives.

Fujitsu is trying to build a resilient society that prioritizes the environment so that people can live with confidence and peace of mind as part of its “Trusted Society” vision. This effort exemplifies Fujitsu’s continued commitment to achieving a sustainable society via innovation, with services based on advanced models developed in collaboration with the City of Kawasaki being promptly offered and expanded throughout Japan and beyond.

(1) Framework Agreement Signed by Kawasaki City and Fujitsu (Press Release 2/19/2014)
(2) Social Digital Twin: Technologies that digitize society on a large scale, from interactions between people, things, and events (micro scale) to social phenomena (macro scale), and contribute to the solution of a wide range of complex societal problems.

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