DENSO Invests in Seurat Technologies to Help Metal Additive Manufacturing Advance | DENSO’s latest investment is aimed at improving manufacturing processes and advancing digital transformation.

via JCN Newswire – KARIYA, JAPAN – June 23, 2021 – DENSO, a prominent mobility supplier, announced today that it has invested in Seurat Technologies as part of the company’s Series B fundraising round. The investment will aid in the development and commercialization of Seurat’s proprietary additive manufacturing technology, and it is the next step in DENSO’s digital transformation strategy.

Manufacturers can print metal parts at scale with Seurat’s Area Printing technology, which combines exceptional speed, precision, part integrity, and reliability while remaining cost effective. For mass production of metal components in all industries, including automotive, Seurat’s unique technique ensures excellent quality and resolution. For a company like DENSO, this approach might save manufacturing delays and improve its capacity to respond rapidly to changing client needs.

DENSO’s bigger initiatives to enhance manufacturing technologies will also benefit from the investment. In order to help digital processes, DENSO engages with firms like Seurat in addition to developing its own solutions, such as the Factory-IoT Platform. This opens up the possibility of improving workflows, increasing efficiency, and operating more flexibly.

“DENSO is constantly striving to stay on top of the most cutting-edge production methods and technology in order to provide the best possible service to our customers. Working with Seurat would enable us to do so “DENSO’s North America Production Innovation Center vice president Raja Shembekar remarked. “Seurat’s Area Printing technology is a game-changer, drastically increasing the rate of additive manufacturing output. We look forward to assisting them in furthering their development.”

Seurat receives access to DENSO’s extensive manufacturing experience, which it has built through 70 years of creating high-quality products in large quantities.

“We’re happy to have DENSO participate in our Series B round, but we’re even more excited about how they might be able to help us advance our technology,” said James DeMuth, CEO and co-founder of Seurat Technologies. “As we commercialize our Area Printing technology, DENSO’s extensive grasp of what large-scale manufacturers want and what makes them successful will be critical.”

The statement comes after DENSO previously highlighted how the company’s technology development is guided by the ideas of “Green” – behaving ecologically friendly – and “Peace of Mind” – providing a safe and seamless world for all.

DENSO’s collaboration with Seurat is guided by the same ideals, and it will aid the company in accomplishing its Long-Term Policy 2030, which aims to improve society by boosting mobility and achieving sustainability, happiness, and peace of mind for everybody. Collaborations like the one with Seurat are critical to achieving that goal.

“DENSO’s investment in Seurat demonstrates the company’s dedication to forming collaborative collaborations with entrepreneurs,” said Tony Cannestra, DENSO’s director of Corporate Ventures. “Through such collaborations, DENSO has been able to explore the discovery and development of new sophisticated technologies that benefit both DENSO and our customers.”

DENSO has lately pursued the following collaborations:

  • Forming a long-term partnership with Honeywell, a global aerospace company, to develop electric propulsion systems for urban air mobility vehicles.
  • Investing in Lambda 4, a developer of wireless positioning technology: collaborating with Drishti to enhance action-recognition technology, which promotes human outputs in manufacturing
  • Investing in Ridecell to give fleet operators digital tools that optimize fleet management
  • Helping to strengthen DENSO’s passive digital key